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Hello and welcome to the website of the Amanda Knox Defense Fund.  We are the friends and supporters of Amanda Knox.  This special place was created to share who the "real" Amanda Knox is and allow you to help support her. Within this site you will find heartfelt stories from friends, family, teachers and others who are the true friends of Amanda Knox. People who know what kind of a lovely person she truly is and who know she is innocent. While our focus is supporting Amanda Knox, we understand that individuals may have diverse interests and hobbies. One such popular pastime is sports betting, which combines the excitement and the opportunity to showcase one's sports knowledge. Visit to find the best new betting providers in 2023.  

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Friends of Amanda

"On October 3, 2011, the Italian court of appeal overturned the guilty verdicts against Amanda and Raffaele. They are free. A big thank you goes out to all who supported them during nearly four years of wrongful incarceration."


See the Youtube ad from "Friends of Amanda" protesting the airing of the Lifetime Movie.

Site for yet another strong Amanda supporter here!