Amanda Knox Defense Fund

Family & Friends

Picture of Amanda by Madison Paxton at UW

 I am Amanda’s Aunt. I married into this family when Amanda was about 13 years old. I have always thought of her as one of the most genuinely caring and sensitive young people I know. The things that have been written about her in the tabloids are polar opposite of who she really is. She is someone who can be counted on if you need her, she is honest, giving of herself and truly a good person.  Those who know her, even if just in passing, know that she could never hurt anyone. Soon, when the trial starts and all evidence (or lack of it) is presented publicly, perhaps then she will be vindicated. Until then, the family is asking everyone to support Amanda while she deals with this very scary time in her life.

Thank you. Janet Huff

Amanda in Germany Sept 2007

I’ve known Amanda for a long time now. I consider her one of my best friends. If I had to sum her up in one word, it would be compassion. She is a natural caregiver, the sort of person that people go to when they need help… be it advice, a place to sleep, a lovingly cooked meal, or just a hug and a set of ears. She regularly gives more care and attention to others than she does to herself. She buys sandwiches for homeless people and nurses sick friends. Hers is always the voice of patience, love, and generosity.

 Frankly, the number of people that I respect on the same level that I respect Amanda can be counted on one hand.


David "DJ" Johnsrud

Free Amanda!!!


This is the fourth year I’ve known Amanda. We became good friends our sophomore year and now, two years later, I consider her a sister.  Amanda is one of the most selfless,
compassionate people I’ve ever known. She has been a positive influence in my life since I met her, and continues to be one even now. Her optimism, kindness, care for others, and hope for this world will always inspire me. Even now, in complete Amanda-fashion, her letters home are filled with concern for her loved ones instead of complaints about her own plight. The emptiness we feel without her is testament to the type of person she truly is.
I miss you Amanda.
Seattle is even more gray without you here.
Love Always,

I know all of you have heard the ugly lies about Amanda and her tragic and unjust persecution in Italy.  I would like to say a few words to the real Amanda, that we all know and love.  I am her grandmother and have been part of her life on a daily basis.  She has been an absolute lovely, well behaved and loving child.  From preschool through her time at the University of Washington she was a gifted, serious and successful student.  She loves sports, books, music and the outdoors.  She was an excellent soccer player since she was four years old, likes rock climbing, wilderness hiking and yearly camping and houseboat trips with the entire family were the highlights of her summers.  She played important parts in all the musicals her junior high and high school presented.  A group of very supportive friends completed her joy in life.  Until this horrible event her life revolved around family, friends, work and school and now we need your help in our effort to restore that to her.   Many heartfelt thanks for your support. 

Elisabeth Huff


 Dancing with her cousin Ryan 1998

Making Music 1990

Amanda is an absolutely amazing person. She is peace, love, and happiness out
there in the world. 
Her actions and words always come from that place.


She always puts others before herself.  It is hard not to experience love when you are with Amanda. You can’t help but smile
when she smiles, and her hugs
leave you knowing exactly how
much she loves you.  She is
smart, talented, beautiful, and humble.  She is inspirational.


Alexandra McDougall


"Here Comes the Sun" George Harrison