Amanda Knox Defense Fund

Family & Friends
2007  Spending time with friends at the UW 


I have never met Amanda Knox but I have come to know her family through Amanda’s ordeal.  They are some of the finest people I have ever met; warm, generous, sincere, and suffering so greatly.  Amanda’s is a large family with many aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends in addition to the parents and sisters you see on TV.  They are each being tested by Amanda’s situation and they turn to each other for their incredible strength.


They are well educated but more so they come with a huge dose of common sense.  They are of course upset and frustrated with the tabloid media assassinations of Amanda’s character.  They don’t know exactly how or when they are going to bring Amanda home but there is a respectful sense of confidence that they will.


This confidence comes from their knowledge of Amanda herself.  They’ve seen Amanda sacrifice so many times for others.  They’ve seen her go out of her way to make friends with the lost or rejected.  They’ve seen Amanda’s zest for life, passion for her projects, and her playful joy.  They know Amanda is innocent because they know Amanda.  Perhaps their only fear is that this experience will change that which is best about her, the way she trusts, her desire to meet new people, her faith in the goodness of others.  The world needs more Amandas to brighten our day.


Apples never fall far from the tree.  Come to know Amanda’s tree and you will know she is innocent.  I encourage you to read all of the comments on this website from Amanda’s family and supporters.  My favorite is from her grandmother, one of the smartest and most delightful people you can ever meet.  And after reading, please contribute to the Amanda defense fund.  These are proud people who find it very hard to ask for help, but they need help from all of us who stand against injustice.  Few injustices are greater than that perpetrated against Amanda Knox.


Kelly Brodbeck







One of the most fascinating aspect of our trips to the US was watching a young, bubbly, charming and lovely girl grow up with the nicest and warm-hearted family we have ever known.  Watching Amanda grow was fascinating and the energy and creativity in the activities she engaged herself showed her love to her family, friends and life in general. Never shirking hard work she showed an early flair for languages and a dedication to expand her horizon.  Understanding the limitations that a middle-class family can be financially exposed to, she set out working two to three jobs to support her studies and chase her dream.  At the same time she was also around her family and friends helping around and having a nice time with them and engaged heartily in books, sports and music. 
Little did any of her family and friends know that the dream she was following was soon to turn into a nightmare.  A nightmare of a tragic loss of a new friend, being depicted
as a monster by a callous media and being railroaded with wild-crazed theories without any evidence.
This distorted depiction however is not the real Amanda.  She is still a lonely and frightened girl sitting far away from home still shielded with the good thoughts and hopes the family and her
education brought her up with. The strongest string being the faith that since she is innocent and so this nightmare would pass away.
We believe in her and hope that this nightmare has an end and know that Amanda would come out strong and with a heart full of love and hope for her family and friends.

Dolly, Manoj,Anil and Nilesh